Finding the “Unknown Unknowns”

The cold reality is that even the strongest defenses can be breached.  Proactively identifying threats operating within your environment will give you confidence that your environment is secure.

Breach Assessment

We examine a series of behaviors that adversaries use to escalate, pivot, and persist throughout the network.  We do this to uncover unknown actors operating in your network.  If we see the indicators, our team will analyze and confirm whether you have an active breach event. 

Incident Response

During an active breach, our team assists your team with identifying the initial event, tracing what actions the adversary took, which hosts were compromised and what data was exfiltrated. We provide hard disk and memory forensics support, log analysis and timeline creation to help you fully understand the impact of the breach event.

Managed Threat Hunting Services

We detect, analyze and process threats faster with 24x7x365, intelligence-infused threat monitoring and analysis from our Security Operations Center. Our Threat Hunting teams proactively hunt for anomalies across the Cyber Kill Chain that escape conventional security measures, giving you greater peace of mind that your critical assets are safe.

Detecting Adversaries

Arbala’s detection capabilities are focused on the premise that the adversary is already in your network. Our team of detection experts, armed with knowledge of the most current adversary tactics, focus on the most important heuristic indicators that expose active attacker activity. Equipped with powerful tools for network data collection and forensics, our Adversary Detection team will scan your endpoints, gather and enrich the data, identify anomalies, assess impact, and assist with removing the adversary from your network.

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