Program Development

Our team has built best-in-class offensive and defensive security capabilities for some of the most critical infrastructure in the world.

Our Approach

Whether you are building a new capability or maturing your team’s existing capabilities, Arbala provides an efficient and comprehensive approach to improving your security program. Using frameworks like the NIST CSF and MITRE SHIELD, Arbala’s personnel bring experience from finance, healthcare, critical infrastructure, and government programs. Leveraging lessons learned across these diverse teams, we will tailor our approach to your program instantiation or improvement needs. Save months of trial and error by streamlining your approach to building sophisticated internal security capabilities in an easier to manage program.

Cybersecurity Program Development

We bring unique insight to building internal enterprise security programs based on our experience building defensive capabilities for government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations. Staff training is a core component of all Arbala Security service lines. We build robust programs able to identify systemic weaknesses in defensive security postures, processes, and staff training, where the ultimate objective is to help you make informed decisions on how best to make strategic security investments.

Security Operations Development

The ability to perform early detection of ongoing adversary activity is necessary for organizations that house sensitive data. Arbala Security has unique capabilities in building internal enterprise operations programs based on our history of leading critical telecom and data center security operations programs and experience building internal adversary hunting and breach assessment capabilities for other Fortune 500 corporations.

Why Arbala?

Arbala’s security teams have performed hundreds of assessments for customers in all industry verticals. Our staff have also built several high profile internal corporate offensive and defensive capabilities, actively performing operations for their organizations. These organizations, combined, have executed thousands of assessments for their customer bases. We bring our capabilities and lessons learned to our customers in a way their internal red team and cyber resilience programs can be executed more efficiently, yet as effectively as large enterprise teams.

What This Includes

Administrative Components

we analyze your current team’s mission and objective to determine how to best achieve those goals through the program’s execution.

Program Documentation

Review and updated documentation for the program, including CONOPS, operational cadences, prioritized roadmaps, planning templates for reports and areas for improvement.

Operational Planning Sessions

We will assist in initial operations planning and simulation exercises to create a feedback loop for continued success.

Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategies

Highly technical and capable employees are in short supply. We will give you a foundation for attracting and retaining these superstars into your organization. The goal is to create an environment where your employees can thrive, helping you gain maximum engagement and contribution from your team.

Technical Capabilities

Review and suggest areas of improvement for toolsets or capability development/improvement. By combining COTS solutions, as well as free, open sources alternatives, we will deliver a set of recommendations that best fits your needs and budget.

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