Security as a Service

Arbala Security is an industry-leading managed security service provider. Our flexible Security as a Service spans everything from cyber threat intelligence and monitoring, breach detection and response, to security device management and support. We designed our next-generation SOC from the ground up to deliver holistic threat detection and response, enabling us to combat modern adversaries and disrupt their movements at progressively earlier stages. Powerful security technologies, proven use cases, and experienced threat analysts reduce detection time to just a few days or hours and provide unified visibility across technology landscapes.

Why Arbala?

Security leaders face a growing number of challenges in aligning strategy and programs with business transformation. Advanced threats and lack of visibility along with alert fatigue and the talent gap are pain points that increasingly cause organizations to look to Arbala for support in keeping their assets safe. We focus on delivering better outcomes for clients: we contextualize the threat, we reduce breach detection time, we lessen the impact of breaches.

What This Includes

End Point, Cloud, OT/ICS Telemetry

Using industry-leading and proprietary solutions, combined with our use-case framework, our analysis is deeper and more accurate.

Methodologies That Deliver Real Insights and Impact

We leverage MiTRE SHIELD ® matrix and our use-case framework to improve security coverage and stay ahead of attacker tactics and techniques.

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