Managed Threat Hunting Services

We detect, analyze and process threats faster with 24x7x365, intelligence-infused threat monitoring and analysis from our Security Operations Center. Our Threat Hunting teams proactively hunt for anomalies across the Cyber Kill Chain that escape conventional security measures, giving you greater peace of mind that your critical assets are safe.

Why Arbala?

We can reduce detection time from days to minutes. We gather security data from across your environments (traditional IT, cloud, hybrid, OT/ICS), and automatically fuse it with threat intelligence to generate a rich, contextualized view of your security landscape. Our security analysts and hunters will also uncover suspicious behavior – advanced, signature-less threats in your environment. They will instantly activate your incident response plan and give clear, actionable remediation steps or take the action on your behalf.

What This Includes

Dedicated Guidance and Support

Our expert SOC analysts provide skills and actionable remediation recommendations that extend your internal capabilities.

Proven Processes

A tried and tested four-phase onboarding and best in class security operations processes ensures you get the scope and service you require.

Security Everywhere

We offer global reach for our cyber intelligence platform, with operations based completely in the United States.

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