Industry-Leading Managed Security Services

Our Managed Security Services combine advanced capabilities with human expertise to detect and respond to threats faster to safeguard your data – wherever it resides. Find out more about our Managed Security Services

Managed Detection and Response

Arbala Security will test your security capabilities from the perspective of the most advanced cyber adversaries.

Security as a Service

Get help navigating the complex world of Microsoft’s Security capabilities.  The Arbala team has the expertise to help you deploy services quickly.

Managed Threat Hunting Services

Identify active threats operating in your environment.  The Arbala Security Operations team has the expertise and the tools to help you hunt your adversaries.

Establish an Environment Resilient to Attacks

Cyber Resilience means hardening your network against attacks by advanced threat actors and degrading their ability to maneuver within your environment. Removing escalation opportunities breaks the adversary’s ability to turn initial compromise into a devastating attack and provides incident responders and defensive staff the opportunity to eradicate threats before they become major incidents. Arbala’s Threat Hunting service deploys our experts and tools to assess your risk across the enterprise. We will identify and recommend solutions to shut down escalation vectors and assist you in creating an environment that adheres to least privilege fundamentals.

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