Managed Security Services

Arbala System’s on-premise, hybrid and remote managed solutions monitor global, regional and local threat feeds; analyze user and network behavior on both a near real-time and historical basis.

Using a combination of threat intelligence, active defense measures and advanced big data analytics, our people and our software identify the “needles” of true threats from the “haystack” of flagged incidents.

Ultimately, our ability to aggregate and fuse these data sources from inside and outside the organization helps generate actionable intelligence for denying, degrading and disrupting the full spectrum of advanced threats.

All managed security service implementations include services such as:

  • Intrusion monitoring, incident analysis, investigation and response
  • Security engineering, and operations and maintenance (O&M) of security technologies
  • Full-content network traffic monitoring and analysis
  • Collaboration with cyber centers and government cyber emergency response teams (CERTs)
  • Integrated cyber threat analysis
  • Insider-threat detection, investigation and mitigation

Application Security on Demand

This service provides managed application vulnerability detection in deployed applications and services, and also can test mobile apps across every major device and operating system platform. We can coordinate with your app developers to ensure the security of apps under development, since fixing an app still under development is more cost effective than doing so after it has been deployed.

Advanced Data Protection

This service manages data in transit, at rest, in-use and in backup. Our solutions use cloud-ready data tokenization, encryption, masking, access controls, and monitoring from the application to the file system levels and support a wide variety of platforms and applications. Solutions provide for centralized key management, hardware-based protection for root certificates, and compatibility with external and national PKI certificate authorities.

Insider Threat Intelligence

By tying events to users across the organization, we identify high-risk user profiles, and provide scoring and prioritization of suspicious behavior. This addresses not only social-engineering driven cyber threats and other unintentional employee error, but also fraud prevention and detection.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Our managed Governance, Risk and Compliance solution includes cyber security risk assessments, and audit, risk and compliance monitoring and management. Including this scope in your SOC solution provides assurance that you’re always in compliance with industry and national regulatory requirements and means you are continually addressing changing real-world risks. This service provides more robust results at a lower cost through our SOC’s centralized management and automation features.