Managed Security Services

Arbala System’s on-premise, hybrid and remote managed solutions monitor global, regional and local threat feeds; analyze user and network behavior on both a near real-time and historical basis.

Using a combination of threat intelligence, active defense measures and advanced big data analytics, our people and our software identify the “needles” of true threats from the “haystack” of flagged incidents.

Ultimately, our ability to aggregate and fuse these data sources from inside and outside the organization helps generate actionable intelligence for denying, degrading and disrupting the full spectrum of advanced threats.

All managed security service implementations include services such as:

  • Intrusion monitoring, incident analysis, investigation and response
  • Security engineering, and operations and maintenance (O&M) of security technologies
  • Full-content network traffic monitoring and analysis
  • Collaboration with cyber centers and government cyber emergency response teams (CERTs)
  • Integrated cyber threat analysis
  • Insider-threat detection, investigation and mitigation