Managed Detection and Response

CISOs and security operations leaders need relevant intelligence, contextualized data, and comprehensive threat response plans. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) meets that need with an approach designed from the ground up to address the modern cyber threat landscape. Find out more about our Managed Detection and Response services, delivered from our SOC.

Why Arbala?

We Focus on Outcomes, Not on Managing Technology. Our SOC delivers unified visibility across all technology landscapes: on premise, cloud, hybrid, OT/ICS. Wherever your data resides, we can protect it. Using a non-linear approach to the attack kill chain, we combine robust use case frameworks like MITRE Shield, purpose-built tools, and cutting-edge technologies with rich business and contextual data to detect threats faster, respond more effectively, and reduce risk.

What This Includes

Attack Disruption

The traditional focus is on the breach stage of the attack kill chain. We take a non-linear approach that mirrors the way attackers move so attacks are interrupted at progressively earlier stages for rapid containment.

Context and Analytics

Leveraging our in-house R&D capabilities, we contextualize findings and inject them into a custom-built analytics platform that reduces detection time and even uncovers threats in the pre-breach phase.

Actionable Security Intelligence

We fuse technical data with relevant threat, industry, and business intelligence to provide detailed, tailored cyber threat reports with recommendations on quick, effective responses.

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