Managed Azure Sentinel

Standing Watch, By Your Side. Building protective cloud security measures to stop threats before they disrupt your business, and quickly detecting and responding to new threats, is the Arbala mission. With years of experience building and managing SIEMs, we recognize that Azure Sentinel addresses many of the issues that plague traditional SIEMs – cost and time associated with deploying hardware or virtual data collection appliances, speed of connectivity to security logs and visibility into risk and threats across multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Azure Sentinel provides efficient data queries, built-in analytics and strong security orchestration automation and response engine (SOAR).

How it Works

Deployment and management of a SIEM can be complicated and time-consuming for any organization. Arbala’s experience helps fast track Azure Sentinel deployment and provides expert-level resources to assist you with detection, investigation and response to threats.  Arbala provides:

Tier 3 and 4 threat escalation and investigation by Arbala’s skilled and trained intrusion analysts, forensic investigators and engineers

Tuning and optimization of your Azure Sentinel environment

Ongoing building and maintenance of detection policies, threat hunting queries and playbooks/response actions

Scenario-based, threat intelligence-based and free form threat hunting

Expert analysis of your risk and threat landscape to identify and deploy protective hardening recommendations, providing continuous improvement to your security posture

Integration, Orchestration, and Automation with your existing tool stack.

why arbala?

Arbala has invested time and resources into making the Azure Sentinel platform easy to use.  Our experts can deploy and operate the platform within days, significantly reducing the time it takes to deliver results.  In addition, the Arbala team is certified in the entire Azure Security ecosystem, so you can rest assured that the complex world of Microsoft security will work efficiently for you.

What This Includes

Design, Configuration and On-boarding of data sources

Visualization of your environment and monthly reports

Threat Hunting Templates for use in orchestration and automation

Tier 3 and 4 Investigation of events

Tuning and Optimization of your Azure Sentinel environment

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