Independent Assessments

Arbala Security gives you a third-party, adversary-focused perspective into your enterprise environments. Leveraging experience built from years of experience and assessments of hundreds of customer environments, our operators use our understanding of cutting-edge Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) to assess and improve your security posture.

Threat Assessments

Replicate the entire attack chain of advanced adversaries to identify gaps within your defensive people, processes and technology.

Security Readiness Assessments

Adversary Detection services are designed to identify and remove adversaries operating in your network. Advanced adversaries are often already operating in critical networks, effectively avoiding many of the defensive solutions in place. In a constant cat and mouse game, you must rely on the expertise of your people to stay ahead of the adversaries.

Cyber Resilience

Disrupt the Attack Cycle: The foundation of a secure enterprise is the adherence to least privilege. Advanced adversaries can exploit misconfigurations of this concept to execute devastating attacks. Gain confidence that you have removed these escalation paths from your environment.

assume breach mindset

The question today is not whether you will be breached, but when. Our model follows a forward-thinking mentality referred to as “Assume Breach” – an organization that holds anything of value should design their defenses as if an adversary is already operating in their network. The focus of the security program is effectively detecting and eradicating the adversary before they can impact the organization. A cornerstone of this mentality requires understanding how an adversary may maneuver within your environment, making pivoting as difficult as possible, while honing your capabilities to respond to real life intrusions.

why arbala?

Our operators openly share their technical capabilities and our operational methodologies with our customers and with the community. Our aim is to provide our potential customers with a sense of confidence by delivering unparalleled transparency into how our services are conducted. You will have the unique opportunity to benchmark the caliber of our talent, simply by listening to our talks, reading our content, or utilizing the tools we produce.

What This Includes

Robust planning protocol to ensure smooth and efficient execution.

Operators and analysts considered to be some of the highest talent in the industry.

Constant communication throughout the engagement.

Tailored deliverables for maximum impact and effectiveness.

A fair, thorough and unbiased assessment of your risk posture.

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