Arbala Sentinel: Proactive Endpoint Security

Arbala’s security engineers have created a solution in partnership with enSilo that provides advanced automated endpoint protection with machine learning. Our technology learns what is normal and stops abnormal functionality. Processes are benchmarked and monitored at the kernel level with minimal overhead. This means your users are protected for known and zero day threats.

Our security team provides a new set-and-forget technology that provides a protective layer around your whole system. No more bug fixes. No more slowed network productivity. Here’s how Arbala Sentinel’s proactive approach keeps your computer protected, prepared, and efficient.

Set and Forget

Always monitoring, it eliminates antivirus disruptions

Protective Layer

Layer formed around the system, eliminates the need to constantly patch

Legacy Protection

Additionally protects older systems that are difficult to patch

How Arbala Sentinel Works

Protect against zero day threats

Arbala Sentinel looks at what normal windows behavior is, compares normal behavior to abnormal behavior, and takes action to block the virus.

Arbala Sentinel blocks modern viruses and malware attacks than have not yet been identified.

Stop malware and ransomware before they start

Infiltration cannot always be prevented. Our solution secures your data so that it cannot be encrypted, manipulated or stolen.

This gives your IT security department enough time to analyze the entrance gates for possible security gaps and develop counter-strategies.

How enSilo Works

enSilo is a data protection platform that combines the functions of an Endpoint Prevention Platform (EPP) with those of an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

All of this is performed in real time and automatically.

  1. Lightweight data collectors on the endpoint communicate back to the enSilo gateway.
  2. The gateway analyses the collected metadata and enforces exfiltration policies.
  3. Only legitimate communications are permitted to communicate outbound.

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