Think Like the Adversary

Understanding how the adversary operates can be daunting when threat actors, technology and TTPs are constantly changing.

Threat Assessments

An objective-driven assessment designed to evaluate the effectiveness of your operational security measures against multiple attack vectors.

Security Readiness Assessments

A red team engagement evaluates your capability to respond to a breach.  With our guidance, you will improve your defensive capabilities in a “live fire” exercise.

Cyber Resilience

Disrupt the Attack Cycle: The foundation of a secure enterprise is the adherence to least privilege. Advanced adversaries can exploit misconfigurations of this concept to execute devastating attacks. Gain confidence that you have removed these escalation paths from your environment.

the Adversary Mindset

Your team has expertise and an internal understanding of your network environment. But an external view of your network, using current adversary technology and tactics, is an essential component of a strong defensive security posture.

The Arbala team has many years of experience conducting adversary simulation exercises. Our projects across numerous enterprise customers keep us at the leading-edge of the latest adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. Our penetration tests and red team activities apply those methodologies in your environment to effectively identify gaps so they can be addressed.

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