Deliver More Effective Security

Security Solutions that streamline decision-making so leaders can focus more time driving their business forward.

Defensive Capability Assessment

Arbala Security will test your security capabilities from the perspective of the most advanced cyber adversaries.

Microsoft Security Consulting

Get help navigating the complex world of Microsoft’s Security capabilities.  The Arbala team has the expertise to help you deploy services quickly.

Threat Detection and Response

Identify active threats operating in your environment.  The Arbala Security Operations team has the expertise and the tools to help you hunt your adversaries.

Managed Services

Rely on Arbala’s team to harden your environment and restrict an adversary’s freedom to operate.  These services will improve the overall effectiveness of your security program.

What Makes Us Different

Arbala’s mission is to make your security program easier to manage. We provide technical assessments, program development, independent testing, operational support, and managed services.


The Arbala Security team consists of sought-after experts, who bring over 80 years of security operations, architecture, threat hunting, breach assessment, and red team experience from critical infrastructure and other commercial sectors.


We’ve been where you are and had our fair share of “Oh sh#t!” moments. We built Arbala Security to be the partner we always wanted – we focus on your goals and do what it takes to make you and your program successful.


We make sure you understand the fundamentals of the services we provide, so that you can continue to strengthen your security program, even after we’re gone. In addition, we share our knowledge through training, publications, and presentations to benefit the industry, not just our customers.

How We Help

Security Program Development

Improve your security program’s effectiveness with Arbala’s expertise.  Whether you’re building your program from scratch, or enhancing a more mature capability, engage us to accelerate your program’s effectiveness.

Independent Assessments

While you are fully occupied building and managing your solutions and programs, Arbala can conduct sophisticated offensive and defensive assessments to evaluate your security posture and assist with prioritizing your defensive strategy.

Operations Support

The Arbala team can provide both guidance and services to your internal offensive and defensive assessments programs, tailored to meet your goals and priorities.  We can also deliver surge capacity during those critical “all hands on deck” moments.

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Tools We’ve Developed